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Some Of The Best Women’s Fanny Pack in 2021 You Can't Miss

Most people assume fanny packs are just for tourists and eight-year-olds—but a lot of women are increasingly carrying them as an everyday accessory. The women’s fanny pack isn’t new, and neither are women wearing them. In the 1980s and ’90s, fanny packs were popular among women who worked in offices, and some women today are choosing them over more stylish (but less functional) handbags.

What is a fanny bag?

Fanny packs are also called bum bags or belt bags. A belt bag is a small bag that is attached to a belt. Belt bags differ from fanny packs in that they are typically worn on the waist, whereas fanny packs are carried across the body in front or back. They are smaller than fanny packs, have a buckle or snap closure, and often have hidden pockets.
While belt bags gained popularity in the 1980s, when they were considered more of a functional design than a fashion statement, they actually date all the way back to 3400-3100 BC. During this time, “icemen” living in the Alps crafted the earliest iterations of the fanny pack from calf leather, as they found their hands-free design the most practical for carrying their tools safely.
However, the fanny pack came to its own in 1980 when the rise in tourism in places like the US and Japan saw a peak in demand for accessorizing. The style was then sent down the Chanel FW94 runway by Karl Lagerfeld - elegantly done in the brand's signature quilted leather - cementing their status as a chic, covetable item.
Many countries find the term "fanny pack" difficult to digest, which is why there are other names like belt bag or waist bag. Moon bags and belly bags are also less popular names for the design.

What is the best way to wear a fanny pack?

Many women have trouble deciding how to wear a fanny pack. Should it be front and center or can it be more discreet? Is this a serious piece of luggage or a joke from the 90s? Not to worry, we’re here to help you find out where women’s fanny packs really belong.

In a belt

The banana is made to be worn as a belt, and that is exactly where its pragmatism lies. But apart from this practical aspect, this solution is perfect to emphasize your waist, disguise a jacket, a coat, or even a large cardigan. The result is very feminine, and we love it.
Wear over the shoulder
Another way to wear a fanny pack in style is to turn it into a shoulder bag. This is how it made its comeback.

In a handbag

You can also wear your fanny pack at arm's length or over your shoulder, just like you would wear a handbag. Of course, this makes it lose its practicality, but it's a great way to spice up your look!

What is the best material for a fanny pack?

  There are many kinds of fabrics available for a fanny pack, nylon, polyester, canvas, leather, and other fabrics are common types, different kinds of fabrics have different characteristics, and the texture of the finished fanny pack is not the same.

     1、Nylon fabric

Nylon fabric is a synthetic fiber, with good toughness, wear-resistance and scratch resistance, good tensile and compressive properties, corrosion resistance, lightweight, easy to dye, easy to clean, and other characteristics, after the waterproof coating of the extended pressure, but also has a good waterproof effect, mostly used in the production of the outdoor fanny pack.

  2、Polyester fabric

 Polyester is what we often say polyester fiber, polyester fiber wrinkle resistance, conformability is very good, with high strength and elasticity recovery ability, firm and durable, wrinkle-free, non-stick hair and other advantages, polyester fabric material is light and thin, waterproof and wear-resistant, but also not easy to fade, common in daily life waist bags are mostly made of polyester fabric.

  3、Canvas fabric

Canvas is a thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric, usually divided into two categories: coarse canvas and fine canvas. The biggest feature of the canvas is strong and durable, low price, after dyeing or printing, mostly used as a casual style of low-end backpack or handbag shoulder bag production, but canvas material is easy to hair, fading after a long time will look very old.

  4、Leather fabric

Leather fabric can be divided into natural leather and artificial leather, natural leather refers to cowhide, pigskin, and other natural animal leather, due to the relatively scarce, natural leather is more expensive, but also more afraid of water, afraid of grinding, afraid of pressure, afraid of scratching, therefore, more used to make high-grade bags.
And artificial leather is what we often say PU material, the characteristics of this material are very similar to natural leather, appears high-grade, and not like leather as afraid of water, the disadvantage is not strong enough.
The fanny pack is one of the most versatile accessories in women’s fashion, and it’s beloved by many. But you don’t have to choose between style and substance. The best women’s fanny packs allow you to cram your fanny pack full of gear while still looking good. Look for a pack made of strong fabric or leather, with features that allow you to keep your stuff secure.

Are fanny packs good for running?

Whether it is a weekday running fitness, or marathon running, or cross-country running, the waist pack is absolutely essential running goodies, with a waist pack cell phones, keys, and change, and other miscellaneous items that can be easily stored

1 Ultra-light

A good running fanny pack must have a feature that is light. Running shoes should be light, running clothes should be light, and fanny packs should also be light. Unless it is a long-distance cross-country, who would want to take a heavy backpack to run?

2 Stable

Just like girls choose professional sports underwear, tied to the waist of the waist pack is also inseparable from the word "stable", otherwise running up and down tossing the taste, just like ... You know.

3 Capacity

Running is a person's practice, waist bag as a runner's companion, its task is to help carry the necessary items, such as cell phones, keys, cards, documents, cash, energy bars, tissues, and even female runner's lipstick, etc.

4 Waterproof

Not to mention the rainy day running, the movement itself will sweat, if the waist pack is not waterproof, cell phones and other electronic products placed inside, I'm afraid that a run will have to change a cell phone!

5 Safety

Runners who like to run at night especially need to pay attention to safety, like bone conduction headphones especially suitable for runners because they can "open both ears", the reflective effect of the running waist pack can increase the safety factor of night running.

6 Breathable

Runner's equipment, the first element is often inseparable from the perspiration breathable. The waist pack is used to tie in the waist, in addition to stable not shake, breathability must not be poor, close to wear must be conducive to perspiration, otherwise do not say half-horse, full horse, I am afraid 3-5km down, waist is full of water. If it is a hot summer, run a few times, afraid to cover prickly heat!

7 Fashion

Runners also love fashion, of course, sports equipment is to have a sense of design! As a very conspicuous part of wearable clothing, running belt packs can be said to play a role in the finishing touch. Sometimes, nondescript running clothes running pants, because, with a cool waist bag, the whole person is a lot of spirits! In this regard, the effectiveness of the waist pack and the colorful compression leg cover has a fight.

Women’s fanny pack style

Shopping for a women’s fanny pack style is getting more and more popular nowadays. There are many styles and colors to choose from. There are fanny packs that are just the right size for your cell phone, others that are large enough to hold your lipstick, mirror, and compact. If you want, you can get a fanny pack that will carry all your personal items and can even be used to carry your baby bottles and diapers with you if you’re a mother. Fanny packs are a great way to be hands-free while shopping, running errands, or doing anything else.

Colorful fanny pack

This is a very popular style, which is durable and stylish. It would be great for a small trip, party. The colorful fanny pack will give you a good mood all day. With it, your movement is not restricted, so it is very convenient. The price is also very affordable. Everything is better with a splash of glitter and the fanny pack is no exception.

Black fanny pack

Black fanny packs have been popular among celebrities and fashionistas for a while now, and for good reason: they are a great way to add a little black to an outfit without being too heavy-handed. Because they’re such a trendy accessory, you can find a black fanny pack in just about every style you can imagine, from edgy leather to subtle suede. While black is the most popular color for fanny packs, you can also find them in brown, cream, gray, and even rose gold in our store.

Metallic fanny pack

The metallic fanny pack is a true throwback fashion accessory. It's the hipster's version of the fanny pack, and it's a great way to look cool while still having all your stuff accessible. Ours is a pretty simple fanny pack. It has a pocket on the front and one on the back. The front pockets are padded so they will protect your valuables.

Geometric Purse

A geometric purse is a purse that is designed with geometric patterns. The geometric pattern on the purse is typically the dominant feature in the entire purse. The geometric pattern is often seen in the shape of diamonds or rectangles. The geometric purse can be found in a variety of colors, including black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, and pink.

Pink fanny pack

This fanny pack is perfect for Women and Girls. The Pink fanny pack is such an eye-catcher and really stands out. The pink fanny pack is made from high-quality PU leather, which is perfect for any outdoor activity like biking, hiking, or just taking a stroll.
It’s compact enough to be worn comfortably around your waist, but it’s also big enough to hold whatever you need to take with you on your run or walk. There are side pockets and front pockets.
The side pocket is zippered, so you can keep your keys or a phone in there without worrying about them falling out. The front pockets are great for holding things you need to get to quickly, like your ID, or car keys.
Other colors include:
White fanny pack
Red fanny pack
Iridescent purse
Rainbow fanny pack
Yellow fanny pack
Gold fanny pack
rose gold crossbody bag
Silver fanny pack
Purple fanny pack
Blue fanny pack
Brown fanny pack
Sparkle fanny pack
Shiny fanny pack
Neon fanny pack

Waterproof women’s fanny pack

As we all know, the style of the fanny pack has been all over the place for the last few years. First, it was pretty much just hikers and skiers who wore them, but then celebrities started wearing them and now you see them on just about everyone.
There is plenty of room for all the essentials—and the waterproof feature will keep your phone dry in case of a quick downpour.
You can find fanny packs in a variety of colors

Women’s fanny pack sale

This stylish and practical solution to your everyday needs is now 20% OFF!
It’s small, lightweight, and can hold all your essentials.
Available in several fun colors.
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What are fanny packs used for?

The role of the waist pack is similar to other bags, mainly used to hold some carry-on items, such as cell phones, documents, bank cards, sunscreen, small snacks, etc. Some waist packs also have a cigarette pouch design, convenient for men who smoke to carry cigarettes, lighters.
Divided by volume, fanny packs can be divided into three levels.
1. Small fanny pack: the volume of fewer than 3 liters of fanny packs are small fanny packs.
A small fanny pack can be used as a personal fanny pack: mainly to hold money, and ID cards, bank cards, and other valuable objects. This type of fanny pack is more suitable for work, business trips, and daily applications, tied inside the jacket, does not reveal too much, hence the anti-theft function is naturally the best. The disadvantage is that the volume is too small to load things too little.
2.  Medium-sized fanny pack: volume between 3 liters only 10 liters can be classified as a medium-sized fanny pack.
The medium-sized fanny pack is the most widely used outdoor fanny pack, it has more types, and more functional, can be used to load the camera, water bottle volume of larger items. Is the preferred type of fanny pack when participating in outdoor activities.
3. Large fanny pack: volume in more than 10 liters of fanny pack for a large fanny pack.
This type of fanny pack is more suitable for a day of outdoor activities and daily life alone, due to the larger size, most of these fanny packs are equipped with a shoulder strap.

Are fanny packs still in style 2021?

Back in the late 90s, fanny packs were all the rage. The durable canvas bags, designed to sit on or against your hips, were everywhere. But, like many fads, the fanny pack faded into the background.
Are fanny packs still in style 2021? The short answer is, yes. Fast forward to the present day, and the bag is making quite a comeback!
Thanks to celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, the once-derided bags have been making a big comeback in recent years. In a nod to recent nostalgia, a number of hip young designers have worked the fanny pack into their latest collections.

Buy women’s fanny pack

If you are not getting what you need from your regular belt or purse, then the Women’s fanny pack at is an excellent option. It keeps all of your items in an easily accessible spot and is a convenient way to carry your cell phone, money, and other important valuables. To learn more about the Women’s fanny pack, browse our site.
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